The Best Betting Sites and Apps Accept Google Pay in India

Google Pay is a user-friendly and convenient app from Google. The app allows you to make bets with your card in stores, online, and in apps. Google Pay is different from many other ways to make deposits; the procedure takes a little time, and it has no complicated settings and checks.

How does it work google payment gateway India and what are google play payment options in India? To pay for services, in particular, to replenish an account at bookmakers, you do not need to “fill in” money into Google Pay. Just add your payment method. Credit and debit cards (worldwide) and bank accounts (US and UK) can be connected to the service. Below you will find more information on how to bet through the Google Pay app.

In this article, we explain how to use Google Pay for betting in India.

Betting sites in India that accept Google Pay

Choosing a sports betting site from India can be tricky. Each online bookmaker operates in different national markets, supports various account currencies, and offers multiple features. When you want to start online betting from India, your priority is to stop wasting time on sites that will not accept your registration. If you watch European football or Australian cricket, you will see many betting brands advertised on the side of the field or at various points of TV broadcasting.

Unfortunately, many of these brands will not register your account. Top brands ‘Betfred’, ‘Coral,’ ‘Ladbroke’ and ‘SkyBet’ will not write customers from India. Some companies also use IP address technology to block your access to the site. Worse is that review sites that target India are promoting betting sites without discussing currencies on these betting sites.

The list of betting sites using Google Pay:

  1. BODOG. This site includes several benefits, such as fast rate processing and availability of promotions, but making bets on this site through Google Pay, you face some problems like problematic withdrawal process, lack of certain games types to make bets.
  2. 1XBET. The advantages of this site are a wide selection of different games, the ability to pay with cryptocurrency, and other methods, but there is a disadvantage like the Long withdrawal process.
  3. MELBET. This betting site has a wide range of eSports games, different cash payment options, but the site looks complicated due to the massive number of betting games.
  4. BETWINNER. The site has high odds, a large selection of games and payment methods, but the site does not have an efficient support service, the complexity of the site.

At least 4 betting sites accept Google Pay in India.

Google Pay review

Google Pay is a simple and secure application. Using this, you can transfer money from your bank account through UPI, recharge mobile, pay bills or place a bet.

You can join crores of Indians who use Google Pay for payment, refer it to your friends and get offers and rewards on payment.

With the App, your phone will become a wallet through which you can pay for necessary goods, as well as place bets. You can just bring your smartphone to the terminal in the store to complete the payment. There are various websites and applications for purchases, gambles, and other financial transactions on the Internet, where a button with the Google Pay logo appears. When you click on it, you can make a payment by following the instructions on the screen.

Everybody’s wondering “Is google pay safe in India“. Please note that all your financial data is encrypted by the system, which makes the application secure.

You can download and install the app to use Google Pay safely.

Pros and cons of using google pay

Like any other system, Google Pay has its pros and cons. 

A high level of data protectionNone of the existing payment systems give the user 100% guarantees. Nevertheless, the payment system from Google in the framework of the latest research has been recognized as one of the safest in the world.Several hours of bet processing.Unfortunately, bets don’t happen instantly.
Speed ​​and convenience of payments.No need for unnecessary actions, entering a pin code, everything is quick and comfortable).
No commission for carrying out payment transactions (you do not pay a commission to the system or its partners.
Lack of sufficient betting sites using Google Pay.Not many betting sites support the payment system yet.
The growing popularity of the payment system.More and more sites, shops, and services are connected to the late payment system.The inability to use the application on a computer.Payment transactions can only be performed on smartphones.
Ability to add multiple cards.Most people have several bank cards: credit debit cards from different banks If you lose your wallet, their recovery becomes a real disaster. Now you don’t have to worry about it and do not carry a wallet full of cards with you.

Google Pay app review

Google Pay app is an easy and secure digital payment application. 

  • All operations in the application are divided into three tabs. The main one, called Pay, offers tools for payments and money transfers. The left one, Explore, allows you to get acquainted with the available discounts and rewards. The right one, Insights, displays the balance, transaction history, and statistics.
  • There is an indicator of your main card at the top of the user interface. Clicking on it allows you to swap cards, choose gift cards or loyalty cards. By selecting a map of the institution, right in the application, you can see the location of the nearest places where this map can be applied.
  • Comfortable process of receiving receipts and checks. Google Pay has long been able to receive receipts and checks from Gmail, but it can import them from Google Photos with a new interface. Also added a new “Profile” page with a QR code for easy translations. In the future, an invitation system will become available to everyone, which will allow you to receive monetary rewards for new service customers who have come through your link.
  • It has Multiple language ​​features. You can use the application in the language of your choice – choose any language that includes English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, or Telugu while joining. You can also select the language of your choice later.
  • Easy and fast setup. Now there is no problem in getting money or configuring the settings – you need just download and complete the steps with some ease.
  • Great security system. With Google Security. ‘Google Pay for Business’ has adopted the world’s best security system to protect your and your customers’ money. The system has reliable protection against financial fraud and hacking. If you ever need help, google pay customer care and phone support are always available. Or you find the necessary information on Google Pay websites.
  • No cost separately. You can do everything written above without paying money to Google or the bank separately.
  • Get help in your language. Support is available in Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Assamese, Bengali, Punjabi.

Besides, many are interested in “What is VPA in google pay” or “How to find VPA in google pay”. Google Pay VPA is a Virtual Payment Address. VPA in Google Pay is used so that you do not have to re-enter your bank account details every time. This is an identifier that helps make payments through the app. You will find VPA on your Google Pay profile.

The Google Pay application has a number of pros.

Google Pay for iPhone

Besides, you can use the application on your iPhone. In general, the iPhone app has the same features as the Android App. Both applications have a user-friendly interface and are relatively easy to use.

How to create a Google Pay account

To deposit with Google Pay, you need to register. Here you will find how to create a Google Pay account.

1 Check your smartphone’s operating system and turn on the Internet

To set up Google Pay, first of all, a smartphone is required to run on Android or iOS 10 or above and faster Internet.

Switch on the Wi-Fi connection on your phone.

2 Check your mobile number and the number linked to your bank account

Apart from this, the phone number of the mobile and the phone number using on the bank account cannot be different and the SIM card should also be in working condition. That means that the message and call are received on it.

Check if the phone number and number of your bank account are the same.

3 Download the app

Now go to the Google Play Store and start Google Pay download.

Download the application and install.

4 Select the application language

Then select the language that you need in the App.

Choose the language of the app.

5 Enter your number

Now enter the phone number you are using on your smartphone.

Enter your phone number in the gap.

6 Permit the application

Now Google Pay app will ask for your permission for some essential things.

Give permission for essential settings.

How to deposit with Google Pay in India

Here you will find how to set up this app and how to use the app.

How to open a Google Pay account

Go to your Google account. After giving permission, login to your Google account and click Continue. Now, wait for the OTP to arrive and press the next button.

Give permit and press 'Continue'.

Verify Google Pay account

Go through verification. After the verification process is complete, your bank account can be created.

Verify your Google Pay account.

Place your bet

Now you can place your bets. Bets are placed using betting sites that support Google Pay. A list of examples of such sites is presented above. For instance, on the 1xBet website, you need to create an account, select the Google Pay function in the deposit menu, enter your account details in Google Pay, and confirm the action. After that, you will see the 1xBet number, to which you will transfer the desired amount in the Google Pay application.

If the bookmaker does not support the currency specified in your Google account, an automatic conversion takes place. The withdrawal still takes place in the currency of the country specified in the bettor’s profile. If this is not possible, funds are debited in another currency, usually in dollars.

The bookmaker can transfer funds from your gaming account to your Google Pay balance and from there to your linked bank account or debit card. Depending on the bank, a transfer to a card can take from several minutes to 24 hours and a bank account – up to 4 business days.

If you are interested in questions “How to add money to google pay” or “How to add money to google pay”, you can deposit cash into your Google Pay account at any store, if this is available in your country. Otherwise, you can only link the card. 

Log in to your betting account and make the first deposit.

How to withdraw money from Google Pay in India

If you are wondering “Can I withdraw money from google pay”, “How to withdraw money with google pay”, “How to withdraw from google pay”, “How to withdraw google pay balance”, “How to transfer money using google pay“, ”How to use rewards in google pay”, “How to withdraw google rewards”, or “How to withdraw google pay rewards”, the below information will answer the questions about google pay withdraw. For whatever reason, there may be an amount in your account that you’d rather have in cash, or at least get close to cash. For example, transfer money to a bank account. It’s not hard to do. You need to log into your Google Pay account and go to the “Payment Methods” section. Find Google Pay Balance and click Transfer Balance. After that, You need to choose the money amount to be withdrawn from the account and select where to transfer it (payment card, bank account, etc.). If you ask “how to use google pay to withdraw money from atm”, unfortunately, this cannot be done directly. First, you need to complete all the above steps; after that, you can withdraw money only from your bank account at an ATM.

In Google Pay, you can transfer money between accounts.


Is Google Pay legal in India?

According to the National Payments Corporation of India, Google Pay is not prohibited in India. Moreover, it is quite common and safe.

Is Google Pay safe?

Google Pay is absolutely safe. It is an international payment system that has users from all over the world. Moreover, it has multiple levels of protection for the personal data of the cardholder.

Is Google Pay available in India?

Yes, of course. Google Pay is absolutely available and distributed in India. The company is also gradually expanding the number of countries that can send money to India.

How to withdraw money from Google Pay to an Indian bank account?

Firstly, you should log into your account and choose ‘Payment Methods’. Find Google Pay Balance and click ‘Transfer Balance’. Now decide what amount and where to transfer money (bank account).

How to use rewards in Google Pay?

Google Pay has several promotions and rewards for using it. For example, you can invite your friend to sign up for Google Pay. After the user enters a special code and replenishes the account, you two will receive bonuses.

Can Google Pay transfer money to PayTm?

Yes, you can. Google Pay has the ability to transfer money to PayTm. But, unfortunately, the opposite will not work, since Google Pay is not an e-wallet.

Can Google Pay be used without a bank account?

No, It is impossible. To use Google Pay, 3 conditions must be met: must have a bank account; your mobile phone must be registered on your account; you must have either an ATM or Debit card.

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