Best Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for Online Cricket Betting in India 2023

The number of bookmakers offering their services to Indian users for sports betting, including cricket, is constantly growing, so many of them offer local and international deposit and withdrawal methods, among which every user can find the one that suits them best. 

In this article, you will learn about the most popular payment methods, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as which bookmakers accept this payment method. In addition, you will learn: how to deposit money to betting sites, how to withdraw money from betting sites as well as from betting apps.

Examine this article to determine the most convenient payment method for you!

You will get acquainted with the main methods of depositing, as well as learn about their advantages and disadvantages.

Reviews of The Best Payment Methods for Online Cricket Betting

On each cricket bookmaker’s websites, you will find several different payment methods at once, which you can use to make deposits and withdrawals. These can include e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, and other options from which you can select the one that is most convenient for you. Below, we present the most popular and convenient payment methods among bettors, along with their benefits and drawbacks, so you can decide which one is best for you!


PayTM is one of the most popular and leading payment systems in India, which appeared in 2010 and specializes in digital payments and financial services. PayTM was released by Paytm Payments Bank Limited. PayTM allows you to make various online transactions and you can top up your PayTM wallet with credit and debit cards as well as through online banking. PayTM payment system is used by more than 300 million Indians and can be used to make a payment in almost any store. PayTM is not only popular, but also provides fast and reliable transactions, so this method of payment can be found in many bookmakers. 

Top up your account with India's popular and reliable payment system.

Pros and Cons

We can highlight the following advantages and disadvantages of PayTM system:

Fast transactions Sometimes it takes time to get a response from the customer support
Over 300 million usersThe maximum amount that can be stored in the e-wallet is 100,000 INR
24/7 access to your transaction dataFor multiple operations, PayTM requires an upgraded account
Automatic PayTM wallet replenishment function
License from the Reserve Bank of India

The Best Bookmakers That Support PayTM

Since PayTM is one of the most common payment methods in India and also provides fast transactions, you can find it at almost any bookmaker that operates in the Indian market. Below you will find the best bookmakers that support PayTM:


PhonePe is a digital payments and financial services company based in India that launched the PhonePe online payment system in 2015. This payment system, like PayTM, is governed by the Reserve Bank of India, making it legal and trustworthy. PhonePe is available in 11 Indian languages, and all transactions are conducted in Indian rupees.

This payment method is trusted by bettors, it is legal, stable and controlled by the Reserve Bank of India.

Pros and Cons

PhonePe has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Low fees or no fees at allThe account balance cannot be more than INR 100,000
24/7 customer serviceDelays in payment can occur
Fast transactions 
High level of security
PhonePe does not require a balance in your wallet; the balance is deducted directly from your bank account

The Best Bookmakers That Support Phone Pe

PhonePe is a popular payment method in India that offers fast and dependable payments, which is why many bookmakers accept it as a payment method on their platforms. The following are the best bookmakers that accept PhonePe:

  • Parimatch;
  • MegaPari;
  • 1win;
  • 4rabet;
  • Crickex;
  • Dafabet;
  • Melbet.


Many bookmakers offer cryptocurrency as a payment method, which allows transactions to be made at an incredible speed. Cryptocurrencies are only in electronic form and are very easy to use. There are many cryptocurrencies, but at many bookmakers you will be able to find the most used ones such as Bitcoin and ETH.

Fund your account safely and with incredible speed with the easy and popular deposit method.

Pros and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies:

Fast transactions Pretty high volatility 
Secure transfersNo refund
Anonymity during transfersNot regulated by banks 
Low fees
Easy deposit process

The Best Bookmakers That Support Cryptocurrencies

Many bookmakers know how popular cryptocurrencies are among users, so they offer them as a payment method for depositing money and withdrawing funds. Below is a list of the best bookmakers that support cryptocurrencies:


UPI is probably the most popular payment service in India, used by millions of Indians. This payment system was developed by the National Payments Corporation of India and allows instant online payments in real time. UPI system is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. UPI works with more than 30 banks and many digital wallets. 

The system was designed specifically for Indian residents, it can quickly replenish your account.

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of UPI are the following:

Secure transfersNeeds good internet connection and high speed
No feesOne time transfer limit
Access to different banks and e-wallets Delays in payment can occur
Works 24/7
Two-factor authentication
Easy to use

The Best Bookmakers That Support UPI

The number of bookmakers that provide the UPI payment system continues to grow, as this payment method is not only fast and reliable, but also one of the most used by Indian bettors. The list of the best bookmakers where you can make a deposit and withdraw money via UPI is presented below:


Skrill payment system was developed in London in 2001 and is popular among many users around the world, including Indian setters, who use it to make deposits and bets and withdraw their winnings. Skrill allows you to make transactions using only your email address. Skrill is fully legal in India and accepts INR in addition to 50 other currencies. 

The Skrill is popular all over the world, you only need your Email to deposit or receive your winnings.

Pros and Cons

The following pros and cons can be highlighted:

Simple, secure and fast transactionsHigh payout fees
Low conversion rate
Responsive customer service
Easy to use
Accept more than 50 currencies, including INR
Accept Bitcoin

The Best Bookmakers That Support Skrill

Since transfers made through the Skrill payment system are processed instantly, many bookmakers offer this payment method on their platforms. Here is a list of the best sports betting sites that support Skrill:

  • MegaPari;
  • Parimatch;
  • Melbet;
  • Fairplay;
  • Betway;
  • Indibet;
  • Dafabet, and others.


Neteller system was founded in 1999 by Paysafe Group and is used worldwide for online transactions. The Neteller e-wallet also works with various cryptocurrencies. Payment system Neteller is easy to use and allows you to make fast and secure payments, and is also used by bookmakers to withdraw winning funds from the platform. In order to make transactions, you will need an email address and password.

Bettors can deposit and receive winnings through this wallet, beginners need to pre-register in it.

Pros and Cons

Neteller has its advantages and disadvantages which are presented in the table below:

Accept INRSome bookmakers charge a high currency conversion fees
Two-factor authenticationSometimes it takes time to get a response from the customer support
Fast transactions
Easy to use
Anonymity during transfers
Minimum deposit fee

The Best Bookmakers That Support Neteller

Easy and fast transactions make Neteller one of the popular and sought-after payment methods among bookmakers and users. The list of the best bookmakers who support Neteller on their platforms is as follows:

  • Parimatch;
  • MegaPari;
  • Fairplay;
  • Melbet;
  • 4rabet;
  • 1win;
  • Mostbet, and others.

AstroPay Cards

AstroPay is one of the most reliable and popular international payment systems, developed in 2009. AstroPay is very popular in India because it offers fast and reliable transactions and also because once you make a deposit to AstroPay it can be used in any currency

Easy to use, worldwide system for payments and quick replenishment of the bookmaker's account, which is actively used by bettors from India.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of AstroPay can be found below:

Accept INRLimits on the amount that can be deposited
Safe and secureCan not make cash withdrawals
Fast transactions
Has a mobile app
Works in more than 72 countries

The Best Bookmakers That Support AstroPay Cards

Many bookmakers offer AstroPay as a payment system because it is reliable, allows fast transactions and also accepts rupees. The list of the best bookmakers that support AstroPay includes:

  • Parimatch;
  • MegaPari;
  • Melbet;
  • Fairplay;
  • Crickex;
  • 10cric, and many others.


Visa is the best-known and most in-demand payment system, operating in almost every country in the world, including India. This payment system has a time-tested reputation, as it has been in operation for over 60 years. This system works with electronic transfers all over the world through Visa credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards.

Make a deposit to your betting account a popular payment system around the world with a reputation you can trust.

Pros and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of Visa payment system are as follows:

Low fees or no fees at allLong withdrawal process
Fast transactions
High security level
High reputation
Accepts INR
Easy to use

The Best Bookmakers That Support Visa

A list of the best bookmakers in India that provide the Visa payment system includes:

  • Parimatch;
  • 1win;
  • Melbet;
  • Mostbet;
  • 4rabet;
  • Indibet, and others.


MasterCard international payment system was established in 1966 in the U.S. and now operates in more than 210 countries, including India. MasterCard allows you to make various transactions quickly and safely. Worldwide, MasterCard accounts for more than 56 billion transactions. The payment system has implemented special security mechanisms and continues to improve the security system to ensure that your funds are fully protected.

This system was developed in the U.S. back in 1966, is the world leader, offers favorable conditions for bettors from India.

Pros and Cons

MasterCard has numerous advantages as well as a number of disadvantages to consider:

High level of personal data securityLong withdrawal process 
Easy to useHas commission
Can be used to recharge e-wallets or purchase Сryptocurrencies
Fast deposit transactions
Accepted by lots of banks

The Best Bookmakers That Support Mastercard

Many bookmakers accept the Mastercard payment method. We have compiled a list of the best bookmakers below:

  • Parimatch;
  • Melbet;
  • 1Win;
  • Mostbet;
  • 4rabet;
  • Pin Up;
  • 1xbet;
  • Fairplay, and others.


EazyPay is a fast and convenient way to make deposits and withdrawals, and it is a very popular payment method in India, which is controlled by the government. EazyPay allows you to conduct a variety of online and offline transactions easily and safely.

All the best features are available in this method: security, reliability and stability, betting enthusiasts from India actively use it.

Pros and Cons

In the table you will find the advantages and disadvantages of using EazyPay:

Instant transactions For clients of ICICI banks
Easy to useNot everywhere can be used
Provides safe and secure services

The Best Bookmakers That EazyPay

EazyPay is supported by the following bookmakers:

  • Melbet;
  • 1xbet;
  • Bet-52;
  • 22bet, and others.


NetBanking is a popular payment system that gives users access to various banking services and financial transactions over the Internet. With the help of this system, you can perform various operations without having to physically visit the bank. Since NetBanking is regulated by local banks and provides secure transactions, many bookmakers included this system as a method of deposit and withdrawal.

You can deposit your betting account without going to the bank, the system is subordinate to local banks so its use is legal and safe.

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of the NetBanking payment system are as follows:

Highly demanded among the usersRequires strong Internet connection
Secure transfersPassword security is essential
No deposit limits 
Simple verification process that requires only a phone number
Easy to use

The Best Bookmakers That Support NetBanking

The list of the best bookmakers in India that accept NetBanking payments is the follow:

  • 4rabet;
  • Pin Up;
  • Fairplay;
  • MegaPari;
  • Betway;
  • 10cric;
  • Dafabet, and others.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital e-wallet that works through a mobile app available on both Android and iOS. Google Pay is the most widely used UPI app in India because it allows instant transactions and tracking. Google Pay is accepted by almost all bookmakers because it is a UPI-based app.

This digital wallet works on different mobile platforms, very popular in India, you can instantly make and control payments in the history section.

Pros and Cons

You can check the pros and cons of GooglePay in the table below:

Fast and secure transactionsDoesn’t support some credit cards
No extra commissionsCustomer support service could be better
Accepted by lots of bookmakers

The Best Bookmakers That Support Google Pay

As we mentioned earlier, many bookmakers support the Google Pay payment system because it is in demand among Indian users and it is UPI-based. The list of the best bookmakers that provide the ability to make deposits and withdrawals via Google Pay is as follows:

  • Parimatch;
  • MegaPari;
  • 1win;
  • Mostbet;
  • Fairplay;
  • 4rabet;
  • Dafabet, and lots of others.


PayPal is a well-known electronic payment system that operates in over 200 countries, including India. PayPal is extremely simple to use and provides fast transactions from anywhere in the world, however payment fees can be quite high depending on the amount of the transfer. PayPal accepts a variety of currencies, including rupees. To make transfers, you can link your credit or debit card to your PayPal account. Because PayPal is more strictly regulated than Skrill or Neteller, the number of bookmakers that accept it is smaller.

The legendary system originated by Elon Musk, it is popular all over the world, it is supported by most bookmakers.

Pros and Cons

PayPal has both advantages and disadvantages which are as follows:

Fast transactionsFees can be pretty high
High level of personal data security 
Accepts INR
For unverified accounts the transaction limit is Rs 40,000

The Best Bookmakers That Support PayPal

As we said, the list of bookmakers that support PayPal is smaller compared to some other payment systems, but such bookmakers exist because they know that PayPal is quite common among users in India and is a reliable method for deposits and withdrawals. This list includes the following bookmakers:

How to Deposit Money to Betting Sites?

Above, you have learned about the most used and popular payment methods among users. Next, we will tell you how to make a deposit to your personal account on the platform of the bookmaker you have chosen.

In order to start betting, you need to have a positive balance, which you can top up quickly and easily by following the steps below:

  1. Select the bookmaker whose services you want to use. You can find a list of bookmakers in the “IPL Betting Sites” section. You can also download the bookmaker’s mobile app to your Android or iOS device from the “Cricket Betting Apps” section;
  2. Create a personal account on the bookmaker’s platform, if you don’t have one, by going through the registration process. If you already have an account, just log into your account;
  3. Go to the “Deposit” section. You will find this section either in the top panel of the site, or in your personal cabinet. Click “Deposit to account”;
  4. Decide on a deposit method. Choose the most convenient for you method of payment from those offered by the bookmaker and click on it;
  5. Decide on the amount of the deposit. You can make the minimum deposit requested by the site or enter any other amount you want, but not more than the maximum allowed;
  6. Confirm the transaction. Once you have decided on the payment method and amount, you only need to confirm the transaction and the transfer process will be activated.

Each bettor starts the game by replenishing the account using payment systems, our detailed guide will tell you how to do this.

All you will have to do is to wait for the funds to be credited to your balance. The transaction time will depend on the payment method you selected: for some methods it will be an instant transfer, while for others it may take several minutes to several hours or days. Once the money is in your balance, you may start betting. You can find out how to start making bets in the “How to Bet on Cricket” section.

How to Withdraw Money from Betting Sites?

In the previous step, you learned how to make deposits and how to bet, so now we will tell you how to withdraw your winnings. The withdrawal process is not much different from the deposit process, so it’s also pretty quick and easy. In order to withdraw funds, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the website of the bookmaker, on whose platform your account is, or go through a mobile app;
  2. Login to your personal account;
  3. Go to the “Withdrawals” section. For some bookmakers, this section is on the top bar of the site, where the “Deposit” section is, while for others you can find the withdrawals section in your personal cabinet. Once you have found the section you want, click “Withdraw funds”;
  4. Select a payment method. You will be presented with different available payment methods, through which you can withdraw funds, choose the most convenient for you. Usually you can choose any method you like, however, some bookmakers use a system where the deposit method and withdrawal method are the same;
  5. Decide on a withdrawal amount. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, and it must not be less than the minimum required;
  6. Confirm the transaction. To do this, enter the necessary details and confirm the transfer.

The process of obtaining the won funds is very simple and similar to the process of funding, just follow our guide to the procedure was successful.

Wait for the money to be credited to your account. After you have completed all steps above, the process of withdrawal request processing by the website will start, and then the withdrawal process itself. Depending on the selected payment method and bookmaker, this process may take from 15 minutes to several hours or working days.

How to Withdraw Money from Betting Apps?

The process of withdrawing money from the mobile app is not different from the one on the website. In order to withdraw funds, you need to: 

  1. Open the bookmaker’s mobile app or download the mobile app if you don’t have one;
  2. Go to the “Withdrawals” section;
  3. Select a payment method. From the list of available payment methods, choose the one that best suits your needs;
  4. Choose a withdrawal amount. Enter an amount you want to withdraw, it can be any amount not less than minimum and not more than maximum allowed;
  5. Confirm the transaction. Enter the necessary details and confirm the transfer;
  6. Wait for the money to be credited to your account

Depending on the selected payment method, deposit and withdrawal process may take from 15 minutes to several hours or working days.

Get your winnings on your mobile device, and learn about the important aspects of this method.


Our experts keep an eye on not only all the events and trends in the cricket world, but also what payment methods you can use to make deposits and withdrawals from the site of your chosen bookmaker. 

You will find only relevant and reliable information that will be useful to every bettor, both beginners and professionals!  

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Are Indian Rupees accepted?

Yes, many payment methods accept rupees as the deposit and withdrawal currency, so it is even more convenient for users from India. Payment methods where you can use rupees include: Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay, Visa and many others.

Is it safe to share my banking details?

Yes. You can safely use your bank details as all payment methods are licensed and used in India as well as in other countries. Also, some of the payment methods are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. That’s why you can safely use these payment methods for cricket betting.

Can I get bonuses with these payment methods?

Bonuses are provided not by the payment method, but by the bookmaker itself, therefore, you can choose absolutely any payment method. To learn more about the bonuses provided by bookmakers, check the “Promotions” or “Bonuses” section.

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw Money From Betting Sites in India?

The withdrawal time from the bookmaker platform is determined by the payment method you select. By using an e-wallet or cryptocurrency, you can reduce the withdrawal time and it can take only about 15 minutes. When choosing a bank transfer, you should be prepared for the fact that the withdrawal process can take from several hours to several days.

How to deposit money on a betting site in India?

In order to make a deposit to your personal account, you need to go to the “Deposit” section, select a payment method, enter the deposit amount and the necessary details for the transfer. Then you simply have to wait for the funds to arrive in your account. More detailed information can be found above in this article.

What is the cheapest way to make a betting deposit?

Each payment method has its own fee, for some methods it is more, for some it is less, therefore, before making a deposit, you can check the fee separately for each payment method and choose the most suitable for you.

What’s the best way to withdraw money?

Each payment method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so each user can choose the one that suits him. We recommend paying attention to factors such as: withdrawal time, commission, ease of use.

What is the fastest deposit method I can use?

As a rule, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies allow you to make faster deposits than bank transfers, so if speed is important to you, we recommend paying attention to these payment methods.

Is it safe to deposit money on betting sites?

Yes, as you deposit as well as withdraw funds through legal payment methods that work both in India and in other countries and are regulated by international banks, with the exception of cryptocurrencies, however, they have their own protection system. Furthermore, the bookmakers protect their users’ personal data, allowing you to safely deposit and withdraw funds from their websites or mobile apps.

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