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Get to know how Cricketbettingexpert collects cookies.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files with pieces of different data that are automatically installed on your device to store information about your previous activities on the sites.

Why Are Cookies So Important?

Thanks to cookies our team can identify and resolve the unexpected issues, errors or glitches that you might ever run into while using the website. Also, cookies help us to authenticate you as a user, better understand your personal preferences and settings, track the time of your session to generate statistics about sessions at all.

How are Cookies Used?

When you somehow interact with a web page, for instance, enter your email while filling in the contact form, the server transforms the recorded information into a cookie file and transfers it to the browser along with the page. When we visit that very platform again, the browser sends the cookies back.

Cookies themselves are harmless – they represent primitive program files, which aren’t able to run any processes on your computer or interact with the OS at all. Cookies do not reveal to us your private and confidential information, such as, for example, your password combinations, passport details, credit card numbers or any other personal and banking data.

Why Do Use Cookies?

We need cookies to be able to track your visits and activities on our website, which significantly saves your time ’cause you don’t need to enter everything every time. Cookies also enable us to modify the platform depending on your needs and interests by “catching” them. Our website uses cookies only to provide the best possible service to every single customer.

How to Disable Cookies in Your Browser?

Cookies are an optional part of your web interaction. You can effortlessly disable them in your browser settings in case you disagree with the cookies policy or have scepticism regarding its terms and conditions. Learn how you can disable cookies in most traditional Internet browsers.

Google Chrome

Open Chrome > Nnavigate to the Menu > Choose “Settings” > Then, “Privacy”click “Security” > Select “Cookies and Other Site Data” > Tap “Block all cookies”.

Microsoft Edge

Launch MS Edge > Go to the Menu > Choose “Settings” > Click “Site Permissions” > Select “Cookies and Site Data” > Tap “Block All Cookies or add desired website’s URL”.


Open Safari > Navigate to the Menu > Choose “Preferences” > Then, “Security” > Tap “Block all Cookies”.


Launch Firefox > Go to Tools > FInd “Options” > Choose “Privacy” > Tap “Disable Cookies”.

UC Browser

Open UC Browser > Go to the Tools menu > Select “Internet Options” > Click “Privacy” > Tap “Disable Cookies”.

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer > Click “Internet Options” > Choose “Privacy” > Select the Advanced button > Tap “Block” for both First-party and Third-party Cookies and uncheck “Always allow session cookies”.

What Happens if Cookies are Blocked? What Will Be the Consequences?

Blocking cookies will remake your browser settings, thus, the manner of our website operating. It won’t then be possible for us to store your details and accumulate information. Also, we’ll no longer be able to simplify the login process, as well as to provide you with personalized options, services, and adverts. Thus, by blocking cookies, your personal comfort suffers.

Updates of Our Cookie Policy

The systematic updates of our website may affect our terms and conditions. Thus, we propose you look through this page to get along with the policy changes that might influence  your privacy and the process of using the website.