Correction Policy

Quality and user-friendly content and guides are the goal of our team. The editorial department of serves as the “textual vice police” and makes sure no bugs get in here.

Therefore, we reserve the right to make edits and correct our texts.

Help us to upgrade our quality and send mistake reports.

Correction Policy of Our Website

Mistakes are part of our life. They may take place even after diligent checking procedures. On Cricket Betting Expert, we are not afraid of them and take into account when you report us, “catching” them.

Our team tries to clean errors out as quickly as possible and thank you for your assistance. When correction is simple, we mark it within 24 hours. In other cases, if it involves additional examination or applying to our customers feedback, the correction procedure may take up to 72 hours. We appreciate reactions from our readers, which they can reflect in the comments section at the end of every article and review, or within our social networks.

If there is any crucial correction or an important change which has an impact, it will be noted as “Correction” at the top. If new information arises after the text has been published, it is marked as “Update” at the end of the article. Corrections of typographical mistakes or other insignificant changes which are not usually noted by editors.

If you notice an error, or come up with any suggestions or questions for us, please contact us for further investigation.