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On this page you will find all the information about the Terms of Use of cricket-betting-online.in Get information about our services, privacy policy and cookie policy and more. Find out what our site is not responsible for. By using our site, you agree to the following Terms of Use.

General Terms of Using

By using and interacting with our site, you acknowledge that you agree with the items below. And you confirm that you fully understand the responsibility of betting.

  • Age Restrictions. The services and bookmakers we describe and post on our website are available for use by persons over the age of 18. Our reviews and materials are created for those who can legally be allowed to bet and gamble online. You are responsible for complying with relevant legal laws;
  • Our Service. The aim of our service is to offer Indian players to bet on cricket with reliable bookmakers. We do not advertise bookmakers, we constantly analyze, compare and make current reviews on the best bookmakers in India. They all meet our criteria of security, privacy, encryption, quality of service, and have a good and clean reputation. When choosing a bookmaker, we also recommend to visit its official website and read its terms of use yourself;
  • Limitations and Accountability. The responsibility for our visitors’ money lies with them. We are not responsible for any losses incurred from betting with a particular bookmaker. For our part, we try to find and make reviews on the most reliable bookmakers, which you can trust with your money, but you must use your own judgment;
  • Responsible Betting. We would like you to have only the best feelings from your bets. It doesn’t matter which bookmaker on our site you prefer. We fully recognize that a bookmaker needs to constantly demonstrate a responsible approach to betting and treat every customer with respect. We also recommend that you read their responsible betting policy before you start playing with the bookmaker.The user can learn more about this in our Responsible Gaming section, where we go into detail on this issue;
  • Terms of Use Modifications. We reserve the right to continually update and supplement our materials over time. This does not happen that often and we do it in order to ensure that our users get the most up-to-date information about the current level of bookmakers’ services.


By using our site, you agree to the following terms of use. These are basic terms and conditions and are designed to protect you, our employees and third party operators from unscrupulous users.

  • Privacy Policy. We value the privacy of each of our users. Our SSL servers are encrypted and no one can access our internal databases. This way all user information remains private and protected when using our resource. This policy applies to all data processed by our site. At the same time, we gave preference to bookmakers who had an SSL certificate at the time of writing the review. For our part we cannot give a 100% guarantee that the certificate will not expire and will be renewed by the bookmaker. We also cannot guarantee that other factors ensure the safety of this or that the bookmaker will not fail;
  • Cookies. It is essentially a small piece of data that is stored on your computer from the use of various sites. Cookies were designed to allow browsers to remember certain key information and to make websites easier and faster. We follow a policy of complete transparency about cookies, so you can be assured that we do not use them for our own purposes;
  • Copyright Agreement. Our content is absolutely unique, compiled and published by our in-house specialists. The content is protected by copyright and cannot be used anywhere other than CRICKET-BETTING-ONLINE.IN Our content should also never be used for illegal activities;
  • Outbound links. Our site posts Outbound links to access other sites. You can get to the site of your chosen bookmaker using our outbound links.  In this case, when you follow an Outbound link there will be the rules of use, established by your chosen bookmaker.

We Are Not Responsible For

Our site is primarily a platform where we post complete and useful information about the best bookmakers in India. 

That being said:

  • Cricket-betting-online.in is not legally responsible for any errors in these materials;
  • Cricket-betting-online.in does not guarantee the accuracy of the information presented on this site, as information about the latest innovations and bonuses of the bookmaker can constantly change;
  • Cricket-betting-online.in is not responsible for the actions of bookmakers represented on this site;
  • Cricket-betting-online.in is not responsible for your winnings or losses of money.

Our site is designed for users over the age of 18 from India, who can bet according to the law. We do not advertise bookmakers, we analyze them according to many criteria and write about the best ones in India. The materials and analytics that you can find on our resource represent exclusively the position of our analytical group

If you disagree with at least one of the points on this page, we recommend you stop using our site.