Top 5 Cricket Betting Exchange Sites In India

In this article, we will cover the top 5 cricket betting exchange sites in India that you can use to bet on different outcomes with higher, fair and more competitive odds. We will also tell you how betting exchanges work and how they differ from regular bookmakers, how to start using cricket exchange betting sites, what deposit methods and bet types will be available to you and also answer the most popular questions.

Learn about the best cricket betting exchange sites.

Best Cricket Betting Exchange Sites in India

Below we will tell you about the best cricket betting exchange sites in India, which have an excellent reputation and are very popular among many users, due to providing comfortable conditions for betting, a wide selection of types of bets, competitive odds, welcome bonuses and much more. 

Studying the data about these cricket betting exchange sites, you can easily choose the most preferable for you. 

To the top 5 best cricket betting exchange sites in India we can certainly include the following:


Parimatch website is a well-known bookmaker among bettors from all over the world which operates under the Curacao license. You can also use Parimatch as an exchange, however, at the moment the sportsbook is limited to cricket, football and tennis and it is expected to be expanded to horse and greyhound racing soon. Parimatch offers such advantages as: live streaming, different types of bets, popular payment methods, accepts INR, and also all new users can receive a 150% welcome bonus of up to 20,000 INR on the first deposit.

Bet on cricket at Parimatch.


Melbet website operates under the Curacao license and can be used as a betting exchange site. It provides lots of opportunities and benefits, such as: accepts INR, offers various payment methods, has a mobile app, provides live streams, different types of bets and generous bonuses, and all new users receive a welcome bonus of up to 8,000 INR on the first deposit.

Choose Melbet for cricket betting.


Betway is a very popular online betting platform and exchange in India, which operates under the UK license. Betway offers high and fair odds, a variety of betting markets, popular payment methods, live streams, an excellent bonus system, a mobile app and much more. All new users receive a 100% welcome bonus of up to 2,500 INR on the first deposit.

Bet on your favorite cricket teams with Betway.


MarvelBet is one of the top bookmakers for online betting and betting exchange which has a license of Curacao. MarvelBet has lots of advantages, such as: provides live streams, competitive and fair odds, 24/7 customer support, a mobile app, various payment methods, bonuses and promotions, and much more. All new users can get a 100% sports exchange bonus up to 5,000 INR.

With Marvelbet, bet on any cricket competition.


Fairplay website is a betting platform and exchange which makes a special focus on cricket betting and operates under the Curacao license. Fairplay provides a variety of payment methods, high odds, different bonuses and promotions, lots of sports events, accepts INR, a mobile app, and much more. All new users receive a 50% to 200% welcome bonus on the first deposit, the bonus depends on the deposit amount.

With Fairplay, cricket betting is available to you.

What Are Betting Exchange Sites?

Cricket Betting Exchange Sites allow you to bet against other users, that is, Indian bookmakers provide a platform and provide a transaction between the bettor who backed the bet and the bettor who laid it back. For example, if you place a bet to “back” a player, team or horse, another player “lays” that same player, team or horse to lose. The bookmaker charges an average commission of 2% to 5% on winning bets and no commission is charged on losing bets. 

Different types of bets are available at bet exchange sites, such as back and lay, in-play and arbitrage bets.

Learn more what are cricket betting exchange sites is.

Cricket Betting Exchange Sites vs Regular Bookmakers

In order to understand what the main difference between cricket exchange betting sites and regular bookmakers is, you can consider the following example. 

Imagine you are betting on a regular cricket betting sites for the Cricket World Cup. In this case, you can bet on just one outcome: a win for one of the teams. For example, you can bet on India to win the match against England, or vice versa, but also keep in mind that the odds for one outcome will be higher than for the other. 

Let’s say you want to bet on India not beating England, or on England losing to India. In this case, cricket exchange betting sites will help you out by allowing you to bet on the outcome you want to determine, so you have more flexibility in the options.  

This is the main difference between online bet exchange sites and regular bookmakers.

Learn about the advantages of cricket betting exchange sites over other bookmakers.

Betting Exchange Sites: Advantages & Disadvantages

Of course, cricket exchange betting sites have both advantages and disadvantages, which you can see in the table below:

More betting flexibility, as you can bet both for and against an outcomeBonuses or promotions are usually not so great as regular bookmakers offer
Higher, more competitive and fair odds, as they are determined by the supply and demand of usersMatching bets could be a problem in less common markets
Chances to win more, as odds are higher
Stable commission of 2%-5%
Free market principle

How to Use Cricket Betting Exchange Sites?

Now that you already know how back and lay betting sites in India work, we will tell you how to register and how to bet on cricket in India using these sites. To do that, use our detailed cricket betting guide below:

  1. Choose the site you will be using. You can choose one from our list. 
  2. Open the official site bookie exchange and register by filling in a special registration form. 
  3. Go to the Deposit section, choose one of the offered payment methods to make a deposit, enter the amount and complete the transaction.
  4. Go to the Sports section and select cricket. Then select the event and match you want to bet on. 
  5. Select the outcome, the bet amount and confirm it. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of the welcome bonus. Cricket betting exchange sites that are on our list offer some of the most lucrative welcome bonuses and free bets.

Read how easy it is for you to use cricket betting exchanges sites.

Betting Exchange Sites: Deposit Methods

Speaking of making deposits, sites of the best betting exchange in India offer various popular payment methods that you can use, such as: e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, vouchers, bank cards and transfers, and others. Generally, they all provide instant deposit, with the exception of bank transfers, which take a little longer. 

You will find payment methods such as:

Learn about deposit methods on cricket betting sites.

Types of Bets at Cricket Betting Exchange Sites

You can find various types of bets on Cricket Betting Exchange Sites, but here are the most popular and relevant ones that you should know about:

  • Back bet. This is a bet on an outcome that you think will happen. For example, if you are confident that a certain cricket team will win, then you place this bet. If the prediction turns out to be correct, you will make a profit. 
  • Lay bet. In this bet you bet against a particular outcome, for example, against a loss of a particular cricket team. By making this bet, you offer odds for other users to bet on. 
  • In-play bet. This bet means that you can bet on certain outcomes as the game or match is in progress. You can react instantly to changes in the course of the match and adjust your bets.  
  • Arbitrage bets. These bets allow you to actively take advantage of odds variations at different bet exchange sites, betting on different outcomes at different exchanges, so you can ensure yourself a profit.

Learn about the different cricket betting options and choose the right one for you.


What is a `back´ bet?

A back bet is a bet on an outcome that you think will happen, such as a bet on a player, team, horse, and so on to win.

What is a `lay´ bet?

Lay bet, it is a bet against a certain outcome, for example, against the loss of some player, team, horse, and so on.

Do you pay a commission to the betting exchange if you lose a bet?

In case your bet turns out to be a loss, no commission will be charged by the betting exchange. A commission of 2%-5% is charged only on winning bets.

What is sports trading in a betting exchange?

Sports trading takes advantage of the fluctuations in odds that can occur during a game or tournament and is used by bettors on the betting exchange to guarantee profits regardless of the outcome.

Are betting exchanges legal in India?

Just like regular bookmakers, betting exchanges are legal in India because there is no official law that prohibits their use. The only thing is that before you use betting exchanges, make sure that they operate under a license. This way, you can be sure that the site is legal and safe.

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