BlueChip Registration and Account Verification Process

Registering an account with Bluechip bookmaker is easy and will take you 5-10 minutes. This process is necessary in order to organize customer funds. In addition, this company requires some customers to be verified. In this review, we will tell the reader about all the aspects of registering and verifying a profile with the Bluechip betting site and other websites.

Register soccesfully and start playing at Bluechip.

Registration via Phone

In order to register a profile with a smartphone, the player can simply use the instructions below:

  1. Open the Bluechip betting site or app;
  2. Use the registration option on the top bar and select “Phone” in the profile creation method bar;
  3. Select the method of creating a profile and fill in the blank fields in the window with valid information about yourself;
  4. In the special field enter a promo code, if you have one, and click on “Create account”.

Now the player has an account and can engage in gambling with batting without any problems.

Get your validation message on phone.

Registration via Email

Creating a profile using an e-mail address is not much different from registering through a phone number and goes as follows:

  1. Open the Bluechip betting site or app and use the sign-up button;
  2. Choose to register via email and fill in the blank fields;
  3. Use the “Create account” option at the end of the window. 

Write down your username and password information somewhere, as you may need it for future logins to your account.

Use your email for start registration.

Bluechip Account Registration Requirements

Bluechip has special requirements that players must follow when creating a profile on their site. You can read about them below:

  • Only players who are at least 18 years old and legally allowed to gamble can register on the Bluechip betting site;
  • All information provided when registering must be true and include only information about the creator of the account;
  • You cannot use another user’s log-in and password to log in to someone else’s account;
  • The player must keep the Bluechip login and password of his account secret from third parties because the Bluechip customer is responsible for what other people will do with his profile.

The rules described above are basic. In fact, there are many more. The full range of rules can be found in the “General Terms & Conditions” section.

You need to enter all of the data for verification.

Registration via Bluechip App

Bluechip bookmaker has its own application. Its main advantage is that the player gets a platform for comfortable gambling and betting even away from home. Just go to the Bluechip betting site and download the apk file. Install the software on your device and create an account using the instructions below:

  1. Open the app and use the sign-up button;
  2. Now select the Bluechip registration method and fill in the empty fields with valid information about yourself;
  3. Enter a promo code in the special line, if you have one;
  4. Complete the Bluechip registration by clicking on the button “Create account”.

Now the player can do what he likes directly on his smartphone. You do not need to create several accounts in order to use the services of Bluechip on the website and in the app.

Registrate quicker by using Bluechip app.

Bluechip Welcome Bonus after Registration

Within the welcome bonus from the company, Bluechip online casino players can get bonuses on the first 4 deposits, which are +150%, +50%, +75%, and +125% respectively. With the first deposit, the bonus works up to 15000 INR, and with the rest of the deposits up to 20000 INR. Also, this promotion has a time limit, which is 7 days. Upon the expiration of this time frame the bonus money will be lost from the account. Also, during these 7 days, the player must wager the bonus money 50 times. Here are the instructions on how to enter this welcome promotion:

  1. Open the Bluechip online casino website or app and find the welcome offer on the home page;
  2. Use the “Get Now” button and register your account according to the instructions in this review;
  3. Now go to the payment systems section and choose the payment method that is convenient for you;
  4. Enter the deposit amount and fill in the details.

The bonus amount will be automatically credited to your account balance. This is when the 7-day time limit will begin to run.

Make your first deposit and get your welcome money.

Bluechip Account Verification Process

Not all users are currently verified, but Bluechip periodically conducts individual user checks. If Bluechip notices strange activity going on in your account, you will be verified.

As part of the verification, the customer is contacted by a Bluechip employee and asked to provide the necessary documentation. This can be a passport, bank statement, utility bill, or any other official information that can confirm the player’s identity and address. The customer needs to take pictures of these documents and send them for verification. During the period of verification, any activity related to the management of the account may be frozen.

After some time, the documents will be checked and the client will be contacted again to notify him of the results of the check. If the documents are authentic and the player filled out the Bluechip registration form honestly, access to the profile will be returned. Otherwise, for failure to comply with the requirements specified in the “General Terms & Conditions”, the player’s account may be blocked with all funds on it. That is why we advise you to fill in the Bluechip registration form honestly and not to conceal anything. Fear not, Bluechip is a fully licensed company and will not use your documents to cheat you.

You need to fill all of the data fields for withdrawing money.


Can I create more than one account at Bluechip?

No, it’s completely forbidden by company policy. If it is revealed that the player has created more than 1 account, all customer profiles can be blocked along with the funds on them.

Do I have to verify my account before withdrawing money from it?

Not everyone is asked to verify the account before withdrawing money, but if you are asked to confirm your identity, you will first need to provide the necessary documentation, and only then can you withdraw money.

Can I register at Bluechip using the mobile app?

Yes, the player can register with the app, and the entire process of creating a profile we have described in this review.


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