Richprize App Download Free For Android (APK) and iOS

Richprize is a casino app that offers a variety of games to its users. The app boasts a user-friendly interface and provides a secure platform for financial transactions, accepting different currencies such as Euros, Bitcoins, and Rubles. Players can make deposits and withdrawals using popular payment methods like MasterCard and Perfect Money. The App interface is as simple as its parent desktop version so it won’t cause any inconvenience for you to switch between the PC version of Richprize and the App. Richprize is available on both iOS and Android and offers quick customer support. With a minimum deposit of 10 euros, users can start playing their favourite casino games. The minimum withdrawal amount on the app is 20 euros.

Download and install Richprize app on your devices.

Richprize Casino App Review

Rich Prize Casino can provide you with the enjoyment you want. You will enter a world of desktop and mobile casino games improved by the addition of sports and virtual sports betting in return for fiat money or crypto currencies. In 2020, Freshharvest N.V. took over the operation of Rich Prize Casino. The government of Curacao has granted it a license, and it offers a library chock full of games provided by several casino game software companies.

Richprize AppRichprize Mobile App Features
Application categorySports betting, casinos
Application size32 mb
App version1.0.5
Android and OS versions requiredAndroid(5.0), IOS(10.0)
Languages availableEnglish,german,spanish and french
Countries supportedIndia,Canada,Hungary and more

Pros and Cons of the Richprize App

Richprize is a platform that allows users to participate in various casinos from around the world. With the convenience of the Richprize mobile app, users can easily participate in casinos sitting at their homes. However, like any platform, Richprize has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Richprize App ProsRichprize App Cons
Richprize app has a user friendly designThe players from the UK, USA, France and a few other countries are not allowed to play in the casino
The size of Richprize app is smallRichprize app is not available on google play
It has multiple languages supportThe installation process on IOS devices may take more time.
The Richprize app offers anonymityRichprize app may not be supported in older smartphone devices with low ram

Download Richprize App for Android

Richprize app is now accessible on Android devices, providing users with seamless and speedy access to their favoured betting and casino choices. To begin using Richprize, all that’s needed is an Android device and a connection to the internet. The Richprize app can be effortlessly downloaded in just a few simple steps, which are as follows:

1 Download Richprize APK

Start by visiting the official website of Richprize and navigate to the download section. Click on the Android icon to initiate the download of the Richprize APK file.

Enter on the main page.

2 Allow Installation from Unknown Sources

Once the file has finished downloading, open it and make sure that the option for “Allow installation from unknown sources” is enabled on your device.

Disable security option.

3 Complete the Download Process

Follow the on-screen instructions and make sure to complete the installation process. It should only take only 2-3 minutes to complete the download process.

Start app download.

4 Confirm the File Installation

After clicking on “Install,” the Richprize app will be fully installed on your device.

Wait until app is installed.

5 Start Playing Richprize App

You are now ready to enjoy all the exciting casino games and betting options available on the Richprize app.

Start using the app.

System Requirements for Android

The Richprize mobile app has been designed to work on a majority of smartphone models. However, it’s important to consider the following minimum system requirements to ensure a smooth and faster experience:

FeaturesRecommended Value
Android version5.0 or later
RAM1 gb or more
Free memory space32 mb or more

Download Richprize App for iOS

The Richprize casino app is optimized for both Android and iOS devices, providing a seamless experience for its users. To download and install the Richprize apk on your iOS device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Navigate to the Richprize official website.
  3. In the app section, click on the Apple logo to initiate the download process.
  4. Once the download is complete, open the file and start the installation process.
  5. Go to ‘Settings’, click on General, then tap on ‘Device Management’ and trust the Richprize app.
  6. Choose ‘Add to Home Screen’ and tap ‘Add’ in the top right corner (with the plus sign in a box).
  7. Now, you can easily access the Richprize app and start playing your favourite casino games.

Install Richprize app on your ios device.

System Requirements for iOS

The Richprize app provides an exceptional experience for iPhone and iPad users. With essential features and additional betting options, the user-friendly app is a great choice for anyone who wants to place bets while on the move. Its easy navigation makes it suitable even for new users.

FeaturesRecommended Values
Android IOS10.0 or later
RAM1 gb or more
Free Memory space27 mb or more

How to Install the Richprize App?

To download Richprize’s Android app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Richprize official website from your Android device.
  2. Locate the app section located on the right corner of the main page.
  3. Select the Android version of the app.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  5. Find the Richprize app on your home screen once installation is done.
  6. Don’t be alarmed if your device identifies the Richprize website as an “unknown source”. This is a common occurrence when downloading apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Install Richprize app in two steps.

Richprize App Registration

To enjoy all the betting, gaming, and other fun activities on the site, you need to have an account. It’s the first step to joining in on the excitement. You can sign up on the website or in the app according to convenience. Here’s how:

  1. Open the sign-up form. Once you have installed the app, launch it and click the button to start creating your account.
  2. Choose your preferred method. There are three options for you: sign up using email, phone number, or anonymously.
  3. Fill in the blanks. A list of empty fields will appear, asking for your personal and contact details. This is also where you choose the currency for your account. One option is Indian Rupees (INR).
  4. Double-check and confirm. Make sure all the information you provided is accurate before hitting the button to finish the registration process.
  5. Get ready to play. Once your account is set up, you will be automatically logged in and can start funding your account, exploring other sections, or diving right into the action.

Fill all of the required fields for complete Richprize registration.

Richprize Welcome Bonus

At RichPrize Casino, new members are greeted with an exciting bonus offer. Upon joining, players can receive a 100% match bonus of up to €400, along with 25 complimentary spins. The goal of this bonus is twofold. Firstly, it’s meant to provide an extended gaming session, increasing players’ chances of winning. Secondly, it’s an opportunity for players to get familiar with the casino games offered. To take advantage of this fantastic offer, keep these key points in mind.

Friday Bonus. The Rich Prize casino offers a generous bonus on Fridays – the Cashback Bonus is 25%. This bonus is paid out every Friday and has only a single day to activate the bonus

  1. 5% bonus for deposits ranging from 416 to 833 INR
  2. 10% bonus for deposits ranging from 833 to 1667 INR
  3. 15% bonus for deposits ranging from 1667 to 4,169 INR
  4. 20% bonus for deposits ranging from 4,169 to 8,338 INR
  5. 25% bonus for deposits over 8,338 INR.

This limited time offer is available every Friday, so be sure to deposit and claim your bonus today!

Welcome First Deposit Bonus. New players at Richprize Casino will receive an attractive bonus and offers

  1. Visit the platform and go to the bonus page.
  2. Click on the Welcome Bonus Offer Package.
  3. Make your first deposit to receive a 100% deposit bonus and 25 free spins.
  4. Check the minimum deposit amount to determine the bonus amount up to 400 EUR.
  5. Play the games to claim the 25 free spins and welcome bonuses.

This bonus is available for new players on their first deposit, so make sure to deposit your first amount to enjoy this welcome bonus!

Get your Richprize welcome bonus.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

At Richprize, convenience is key when it comes to payment options. That’s why they have made sure to include the most popular methods in India, including bank transfers, e-wallets, and speedy payment services. And for those who prefer to use cryptocurrency, Richprize also offers the option to add funds using Bitcoin and Ethereum. To see a full list of all the deposit and withdrawal options, check out the below list.

Deposit Methods

Payment ModeMinimum Deposit AmountMaximum Deposit AmountTime of Crediting
Paytm1500 INR83,000 INRInstant
PhonePe850 INR83,000 INRInstant
Visa400 INR83,000 INRInstant
Mastercard400 INR83,000 INRInstant
Astropay2000 INR100,000 INRUp to 24 hours
UPI1500 INR100,000 INRInstant
Skrill1300 INR800,300 INRInstant

Withdrawal Methods

Payment ModeMinimum Deposit AmountMaximum Deposit AmountTime of Crediting
Bank Wire Transfer20 EUROSDepends on BankInstant
Bitcoin20 EUROS1500 EUROSInstant
Ethereum20 EUROS1500 EUROSInstant

Update RichPrize App to New Version

Since Richprize exists only in the form of .apk, the only way to update the app is to delete the currently existing version and download a new one. This is the only way to do this and about the only downside to using APKs from RichPrize’s official website.

  1. Uninstall the older version of Richprize app. 
  2. Revisit Richprize official website from your browser. 
  3. Click on the widget of a smartphone (with an installation arrow on it).
  4. Click the ‘Download Now’ button.
  5. Wait until installation will end and launch it on your device. The newest version of Richprize app will appear on your home screen.

Richprize app updates automatically.

RichPrize App Login

With Richprize, accessing your account and logging in has never been easier. Simply follow these steps for a seamless experience:

  1. Open the Richprize App on your device and tap the ‘Login’ button.
  2. Fill in your details, whether you registered with your email or phone number and add the password.
  3. Hit the ‘Login’ button and proceed.
  4. And for added convenience, utilize the device’s features such as fingerprint or Face ID for a quick and secure login.

In case you forgot your password, don’t worry! Richprize has got you covered with these easy steps:

  1. First, click on the “Forgot?” button to start the password retrieval process. 
  2. Next, choose your preferred option – either through email or phone number – to begin the password reset process.
  3.  Enter the required information and wait for the confirmation letter or SMS code.
  4.  Then, create a unique and secure new password.
  5.  Finally, log in using your newly created password and enjoy the Richprize app.

Log in using your Richprize account.

Sports Betting at RichPrize App

Richprize offers a wide range of sports matches and international tournaments to place your bets on. To access the sports section and start betting, follow these simple steps:

  1. On the Richprize App, click on the drop-down lists on the left side.
  2. Select the “Sports” section.
  3. Choose the sport of your interest and on which you want to bet.
  4. From there, pick the tournament for the sport you have selected.
  5. Take a look at the available odds for the tournament and choose the one you have the most faith in.
  6. Don’t forget to consider the RTP (Return to Player) ratio offered for a specific match.
  7. Add funds to your account by depositing Rupees.
  8. Finally, place your bet on the sports match of your choice.

Richprize’s sports betting section provides a multitude of options, making it a popular choice among bettors. With competitive odds and an extensive range of sports markets, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Kabaddi
  • Horse Racing
  • Hockey

From global to local tournaments, the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer pre-game betting or live betting, the Richprize app offers you up-to-date odds and a smooth betting experience on the go.

Bet on any type of sports in Richprize app.

Virtual Sports

Another significant section within the Richprize App is dedicated to Virtual Sports betting. Virtual Sports have become increasingly popular in the gambling industry due to their freedom from human errors that are commonly encountered in traditional sports. To access the Virtual Sports section, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Games” section located at the top of the main page.
  2. Apply the filter with the tag “Virtual Sports”.

These are the virtual sports offered at Richprize:

  • Virtual Cricket; 
  • Virtual Basketball; 
  • Virtual Horse Racing;
  • Virtual Baseball;
  • Virtual Spain League;
  • Virtual Football Asian Cup;
  • Virtual Football World Cup;
  • Virtual Tennis;
  • Virtual Bundesliga;
  • Virtual Dog Racing;
  • Virtual Football (Soccer);
  • Virtual Ice Hockey.

Bet on most intresting virtual sports using Richprize app.

Types of Bets

There are plenty of various bets, which are available to use within the Richprize App. Below we will describe the top up-to-date bet types, which are worth trying and are recognized by the top bookmakers in the gambling market: 

  • Single Bet. This bet allows you to predict the outcome of a single event or condition. You place one bet for one event, making it the simplest and most straightforward type of bet.
  • Handicap. A handicap bet involves predicting the margin of victory for a particular team. In this bet type, the underdog is given a certain number of points, which balances the score, making it a more even match.
  • Accumulator. With an accumulator bet, you predict the outcome of multiple events, usually in the form of 2 markets. Although the probability of all outcomes winning is lower than a single bet, the potential payout is much higher.
  • Conditional Bet. A conditional bet is used for events where the outcome is unpredictable. This bet type allows you to place bets on multiple conditions at the same time, increasing the chances of at least one winning. However, the odds for these events are usually lower compared to single or chain bets.
  • Chain Bet. A chain bet is a series of single bets placed in a sequence. To win, you must correctly predict the outcome of each event in the chain. The amount wagered on each event depends on the order of the bets placed and the outcome of the previous event.

Create your own bet in Richprize app.

Betting Options in the Richprize App

Richprize presents an extensive selection of betting alternatives that cater to the needs of its Indian audience. From pre match betting to live betting, as well as special options like virtual sports betting, players can access a complete list of options to fit their betting preferences. Richprize cricket is one of the most in-demand sports to bet on in the app, making Richprize a top pick for Indian players seeking a trustworthy and thrilling betting experience.

  • Pre-match Betting. Matched betting is a strategy that involves bettors placing a wager with a bookmaker using free bets and then laying the same bet through a betting exchange. Before delving into matched betting, it is important to understand the concept of lay bets and back bets.
  • Live Betting. Live betting allows players to bet on a game that’s already underway. The odds are updated throughout the game based on the current results. Although traditional betting remains popular, more and more people are opting for live betting. It should be noted that live betting has a slightly larger edge (advantage) compared to pre-match betting, meaning that bettors receive “worse odds.” Typically, the edge difference is about 0.5-1.5% for popular betting markets.
  • Virtual Sports Betting. Virtual sports provide a pro for your predictions as they are not susceptible to mistakes made by individual players on a team. The process of placing bets in virtual sports is similar to real-life tournaments, except that the teams available for betting are created by software rather than real.

Choose how you want to bet in Richprize app.

Richprize Casino App

Richprize casino apk (app)  comes with a selection of close to 3,000 games in addition to sports betting. The casino features games from some of the most well-known providers in the industry. It offers a wide range of games including video slots, jackpots, table games, live games, and megaways. The variety of entertainment options available makes Richprize casino an excellent experience for both new and regular players.

Play casino at any olace using Richprize app.

RichPrize Mobile Version Overview

Unleash the power of seamless betting with the remarkable Richprize mobile site. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading extra applications, as Richprize platform provides all you need in one place. Whether you own a smartphone or tablet, this site is compatible with all types of devices and eliminates the need for extra storage space. Immerse yourself in a world of betting where the features and services are top-notch, and the interface is intuitive. You can enjoy a hassle-free and quick navigation experience with just a few taps on your screen.

Advantages of the mobile version of Richprize:

  • Seamless betting experience without downloading a separate mobile app
  • No need for extra storage space on your device
  • Compatible with all types of smartphones
  • Same, if not better, features as the desktop version
  • Intuitive interface designed to work perfectly with your screen size
  • Quick and easy navigation with just a few taps

Suitable for:

  • Anyone who wants to bet on sports or play casino games without the hassle of downloading a separate app
  • Those who want to save storage space on their device
  • People who use a variety of different types of smartphones and want a consistent experience.

Use Richprize mobile version on any mobile device.

Differences Between the RichPrize App and the Website

FeatureRichPrize Mobile AppRichPrize Mobile Site
Download and InstallationMust download and installUse via any browser on your smartphone
Login ProcessAutomatic login after registrationManual sign in
NotificationsAbility to receive notifications about upcoming events and new bonus releasesCannot receive notifications through browser
Interface ElementsAll interface elements built into app and do not require additional download timeSometimes may be slow due to weak internet connection

RichPrize App Features

RichPrize App allows you to have 24/7 access to your account and bets, which you can track directly from your device – doesn’t matter where you are. As the main features of the App, we would like to underline the following:

  • Small Size. The Richprize app is compact in size and offers a smooth and seamless casino experience without sacrificing any essential features or functionality. With its user-friendly interface, players can easily navigate and enjoy their favourite games with just a few taps. 
  • High Definition Quality. RichPrize app offers HD quality graphics and seamless gameplay for an unbeatable online casino experience. Players can enjoy their favourite games without any lag or interruptions
  • Affiliate Programs and VIP Loyalty Programs. RichPrize online betting app offers both an affiliate program and a VIP loyalty program to reward players for their loyalty and referrals. The affiliate program provides commission for promoting the app, while the VIP program offers exclusive perks and benefits to its most dedicated players
  • Easy to Use. RichPrize app is designed with ease of use in mind, making it accessible for everyone to enjoy a seamless online betting experience. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly features make it simple for players of all levels to place bets and play games
  • Notifications. Availability to turn on and allow the Richprize App to send you notifications on upcoming updates directly to your device. By that, you will never miss new updates and juicy promotions, offered by RichPrize.”

Learn more about Richprize app features.


In conclusion, RichPrize casino is a top-notch choice for players worldwide. It offers players an opportunity to increase their wagering stake by following bonus terms and wagering requirements. With multiple payment options available, players can earn massive bonuses on their first deposit and enjoy a seamless betting experience. The customer support is commendable, and the platform’s effort to eliminate pending times on deposits, verification, and withdrawals is impressive. The casino’s acceptance of crypto as a payment method has reduced withdrawal times, making it more accessible to players.

Moreover, Rich Prize casino keeps launching new games regularly to maintain excitement for both new and veteran players. With partnerships with leading gaming software developers, players can expect a variety of high-quality games. In summary, RichPrize casino is the ideal choice for players looking for fairness and trustworthiness in their betting endeavours.

Richprize app is convinient addition to main site.


I can’t find Richprize in the App Store. Can I still install the Richprize App on my iOS device?

Richprize may not be available in the App Store, but you can still install the app on your iOS device through alternative methods like downloading the app’s file from the Richprize website.

I can’t find the Richprize Android App on Google Play. How can I install it then?

If you cannot find the Richprize Android app in Google Play, you can still install it by downloading the apk file from the Richprize website and enabling “Unknown Sources” in your device’s security settings.

Can I deposit in Indian Rupees via Richprize App?

Yes, for an easy and amazing casino experience, Indian players can deposit money in INR via Richprize app and have fun.

Can I deposit in Cryptocurrency via Richprize App?

Richprize App supports various payment methods, including cryptocurrency, making it easier to deposit and withdraw funds. Whether you prefer Bitcoin, Ethereum or other options, Richprize provides a secure and convenient way to manage your transactions.

Is the Richprize app legal?

Yes, the Richprize app is completely legal and safe to use. The betting platform has a genuine license and operates well in the market.


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